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Gouache, Fruit, and Tiny Art

Over Labor Day weekend, I went to Mendocino with my partner and was re-enchanted by the lushness of the northern California coast. I needed reminding that California isn’t just scorched hills with a lone hawk overhead kind of scene. There are ferns, tide pools, dense redwood forests, and blankets of clover beckoning to be explored as well. I remember saying in 2012, and again to my partner at the beginning of October, that the diversity of ecology, geology, and biology is what keeps me here, and has inspired many painters before me to head West.

I spent a lot of September getting frames, wiring, and preparing artwork for shows. At Fremont Art Association, I have several 9’’x12’’ gouache pieces on display and a bunch of gouache

‘mini-scapes’, only 3’’x3’’. In November, I am going to be the guest artist at FAA! I decided to demonstrate with gouache, since this is a medium I had little to no knowledge of until one of my AP Art students brought it into my classroom last Fall. I hope I can share what I know and get others excited about this unique type of paint.

gouache paintings
gouache pieces for Fremont Art Association

Early in September I was out every Saturday morning painting with oils to get ready for ‘Paint Pleasanton’, an annual plein aire contest. My practice in plein aire since last Spring paid off, and I earned an honorable mention award at the event. It was a big day for me, I was thrilled to be recognized among so many skilled artists.

oil painting, in plein aire
plein aire location for 'Paint Pleasanton'

Awardees from 'Paint Pleasanton'

This coming weekend is Livermore’s ArtWalk event, and I am happy to be collaborating with Livermore Art Association to run a booth with several other LAA members. At this event, I will be showing exclusively still life oil still artworks, all under $250.

still life oil paintings, fruits and vegetables
still life pieces for Livermore ArtWalk

I want to see if having some consistency with medium, art form, and lower pricing may lead to more sales. I will let you know how that goes. So I’ve been getting ready, printing greeting cards of several of the paintings that will be on display, setting up a mailing list for people to sign up on, getting a business card holder, and framing all my pieces. I want my work to look official and polished.

Finally, this past month I had four of my artworks accepted into the ‘Tiny’ show at Studio Gallery in San Francisco, running from November 5th until December 23rd.

watercolor and gouache paintings, 5'' x 7'' and 3'' x 3''
paintings for 'Tiny' show at Studio Gallery SF

Two of the pieces I will be showing are mini gouaches and the other two are watercolors from photos of Wintertime in Massachusetts. This will be my second ‘open calls’ show at Studio Gallery, it’s a dream come true to be showing my own work in this gallery that I’ve stopped into since as long as I’ve lived in California.

I am so excited about all the Fall shows I’m participating in this year. It feels like I’m finally on a roll with both creating and showing.

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