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50|50 Show

Today I embark on an artistic journey that’s going to last through the summer. I was accepted into Sanchez Art Center’s 50|50 show, wherein 50 Artists are chosen each year to create 50 artworks in 50 days. Normally I travel during the summers, but this year with my 5 month old I am staying in place. So with my niche being quite small at this moment in my life, I am so grateful to have this summer project.

My theme for this series is California’s recent super bloom. Due to our Winter rains this year, the coast has seen an abundance of wildflowers, and my quaint ridgeline in Pleasanton was no exception to the bloom. When I finally made it to the top of the ridge in April, I was in awe of both the coverage and variety of flowers at the top. Lupins, Violets, California Poppies, and Prairie Mallow were a few of the species that abounded. I am starting the series with early Spring flowers like Daffodils and Sugar Magnolias, and ending with summer greeters such as Foxgloves, Mariposa Lilies, and Blackberry Flowers.

I am painting this series using gouache, in my emerging geometric/impressionist style that’s gaining popularity on social media. I am touched that so many people resonate with this style that makes me dance around with excitement in my studio when I find the hidden geometry within landscapes. So buckle up with me as I ‘paint while the baby sleeps’ this summer to create a personal record of 50 paintings in 50 days.

See my thumbnailing process for the 50 pieces going into the show:

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