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What's on the Easel: Jenna Hobbs' Upcoming Art Shows

One morning this summer, a phone number with a Vermont area code called. What happened next was what most artists dream of: the voice on the other end was a gallery owner, opening her own space, and she wanted to represent my geometric landscape styled paintings. I was ecstatic over this opportunity. This Fall, I created a new series of geometric abstract landscapes based on an overnight backpacking hike I had done along the Long Trail in Vermont.

Then in October, I received another artist’s dream: an invitation to participate in a group art show at the renowned Harrington Gallery within the Firehouse Arts Center in Pleasanton. The show is titled ‘Flora in Focus’, and has been organized and inspired by the accomplished watercolorist Meghana Mitragotri. I am beyond thrilled to be included amongst such a prestigious group of artists. For this show, I am featuring both realistic and abstract flower themed oil paintings, in a range of sizes. The smallest of these series is 6’’ x 6’’, and the largest 40’’ x 30’’.

the studio in November 2023

In terms of artistic process, I have to admit that I have been stretched thin this Fall by the amount that I’ve taken on. Between working full time as a High School Art teacher, caring for my 9 month old baby after work, spending time with my 2 step kids, and painting during any window I can find, establishing a rhythm has been a challenge. Finding creative balance is my 2024 goal. I am highly determined to be present for my child, my stepkids, and my partner, while maintaining my identity as an artist. I am realizing however that for me, family comes first.

Flora in Focus postcard

Flora in Focus will run from January 10th-March 9th, 2024, with a reception on February 3rd from 1-3pm. Hope to see you there.

Squirrel Gallery will be opening in Manchester, Vermont before the New Year. I will have artwork in this space on an ongoing basis, curated by owner Catharine Sullivan.

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