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50|50 installation and opening

The sweeping ‘atmospheric rivers’ of rainfall in early 2023 brought on a phenomenon in California known as a ‘super bloom’. At first, the rains left the land sopping wet, battered, and torn. Over time, the dampness gave way to sunshine, bright green grasses, and a blanket of colorful flowers on the coastline of California.

Using a blend of geometric abstraction and impressionism, this series celebrates the variety and abundance of flowers that gradually revealed themselves in this rare super bloom event. I start the series with early Spring greeters such as daffodils and tree buds, and later arc into lupines, prairie mallow, and foxglove. The series ends as the land dries out again and gives way to summer flowers, such as California poppies, and Mariposa lilies.

By painting invisible ‘plumb lines’ between objects, and geometric shapes between plumb lines, these paintings expose the hidden geometry that exists in the natural environment. My artwork has often been in the style of depiction or abstraction, and I want to showcase my development as a painter in both of these styles. In these pieces, my goal is to express my experience of the exuberance of wildflowers by striking a balance between depiction and abstraction. Humans organize our environments using geometry: in design, architecture, and engineering. Geometry is present in our natural landscapes. It elegantly exists, whether we recognize it or not.

50|50 will run from 9/8-10/1/2023. There will be 49 other artists' works besides my own to see, with a total of 2,500 artworks in a variety of media, including clay, acrylic and oil paint, metal, watercolor, pastel, encaustic, glass and more!

Tickets to the opening fundraiser on Friday 9/8 and Saturday 9/9 are available on eventbrite at

I hope to see you there!

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